Real Gutpunching For Men
3-Way Gut Punch Unflexed
2-N-1 Gut Punch
3 In The Ring
Muscled Gut Punched
Battered ABs
Battered ABs 2
Garage Workover
Jobber Interrogated
Garage Workover 2
B/D Gut Bash
Jason Z's Gut Punched



This website is dedicated to those out there who have a sincere interest in the ever-growing fetish known as gut punching. This fetish has participants who are gay, bisexual and straight. Therefore, MALEGUTPUNCHING.COM prides itself on trying to create media that appeals to every interested person. Our site focuses on the bond between males when engaged in gut punching. Therefore, this site will never feature women in any of the videos or images produced for this site.

Gut punching: the act of men where one man (TOP/Sadist/Puncher) throws fists, knees, shoulder blocks, etc. into the stomach of another man (bottom/masochist/receiver) in a consensual manner of play.

Belly punching: the same act described above except with women (not featured on this site).

The purpose of this site is not to dwell in the fantasies of gut punching, but rather to depict real live gut punching activities between real men. Do not expect all of the participants of this site to have six pack abs or perfect bodies. Participants of various body types will be featured on this site.

Any person who is REAL and would like to participate in a video or photo shoot for MALEGUTPUNCHING.COM should go to the CONTACT page and send a request. All requests with recent shirtless pictures will be entertained. Thank you for your interest in MALEGUTPUNCHING.